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CD Sale Friday Update LIST

That was an intense three days! We have sold over half the inventory. You guys are amazing and by and large very easy and gracious to deal with.

Generally, the vast majority of folks are lovely. A few are a bit scatterbrained or technophobic and it takes longer to sort through everything.

And then like there’s this one guy who is always cranky and adversarial.

But for the most part, you are so good at being patient and understanding—thanks!

There is one thing I wanted to do with these sales, but I failed. If a buyer withdrew from a sale, I wanted to be able to offer a “hot” title to the next person who asked.

But it was too much for me. It would mean maintaining “wish lists,” which 98% of the time come to nothing.

So I gave up.

But check the revised list for anything you might have wanted. Jaws 3-D just became available again. First-come, first-served!

Keep the orders coming, and thanks! Ordering info here.

We will start shipping on Monday—and yes, we’ll pack securely and send tracking info!

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