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CDs in Stock Part 2

Continuing from yesterday, here are more CDs in stock at that I am surprised we still have!

By the way, here is a spreadsheet of the available inventory. I know it’s easier to browse than our site itself.

C’Era una Volta il West (Once Upon a Time in the West): The 27-track expanded version from GDM, $25. A masterpiece! It was such a big deal when the longer version came out.

Casino Royale: The 1CD expanded version from Quartet, $18. Catchy Bacharach goodness!

We also have, in the Cs, a bunch of CDRs that came from the Tim Knapp collection. We are selling them for $1 and most are gone by now. I recommend the Leonard Rosenman score to The Bible, the music-only version.

Charade/Experiment in Terror: I love Mancini’s Experiment in Terror. Only the latter half of the album has the good, moody score tracks...but they’re so good! Only $5 for these two classic Mancini albums on one CD.

Chato’s Land: Out of print Jerry Fielding on Intrada, $30.

The Cincinnati Kid: FSM Lalo Schifrin 5CD set: So this one is expensive—$145. But it’s worth it—and very hard to find. I produced it and we scoured the M-G-M vaults for all kinds of rare and terrific 1960s Lalo Schifrin. Gotta love his spy score, The Venetian Affair.

Cleopatra Jones/Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold: Another one I produced at FSM. We have one copy for $65. This is top-shelf “blaxploitation” scoring!

We have a wide selection of the John Scott Cousteau scores on his JOS label. I admit I am not familiar with them.

The Cowboys: The expanded Varèse Sarabande version—hard to find. We have one copy for $65.

CQ: This is only $2, the groovy score by the band Mellow for Roman Coppola’s weird kind of love letter to the making of a Barbarella movie. I always liked it!

Crossed Swords: This is a GREAT Maurice Jarre swashbuckling score that we released on FSM. We have one sealed copy for only $12.

In additon to the CDRs, we have a bunch of titles from a collector that sadly got water damage. So we listed them as DAMAGED for only $1–$5 and I was surprised that many of them sold very quickly. Still a bunch left!

Dances With Wolves: We have one copy of the expanded La-La Land version of this John Barry masterpiece, only $55. One of my favorites!

David Raksin at M-G-M: I produced this 5CD set for FSM. We have one copy for $30. If you’ve ever been meaning to pick it up—it’s a beautiful package, if I say so myself—this is a very inexpensive copy.

Dead Ringer: Another FSM title—not the Cronenberg film (which is Dead Ringers, plural), but the 1964 black and white thriller with a crackling score by Andre Previn. We have two copies, each is $15. So good!

Dr. Kildare: Hm, my eyes are going to the FSMs! This is a great 3CD set that Jon Burlingame produced for us. A whole disc of vintage early ’60s Goldsmith TV and two more by Harry Sukman and others.

I’ll be back with the E and F titles tomorrow. Thanks for browsing our listings!

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1 Comment

Crossed Swords is a must have, but I'm biased (and Jarre is in my top 3).

The Scott Cousteau's are interesting. There are a lot of pop elements I wasnt expecting, but his melodic gift is always present. Excellent playing out of London, Berlin aid greatly. Chato - must have Fielding, super taut listen with gorgeous sonics. CQ - very cool flick and terrific album! Actually investigated more of Mellow's work, and it's very much like that score. The Raksin set is a troves of goodness. Such intelligent writing but accessible. I'll stop now 😁

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