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CDs in Stock Part 8

Okay, where were we? Here are more cool CDs we have in stock at

We have two copies of The Postman Always Rings Twice by Michael Small on Intrada, a really sharp neo-noir. This is one of the harder-to-get Intrada Special Collection releases, each copy is $65.

We have one copy of the 1CD version of The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes by Miklósa Rózsa on Quartet, $35.

The Prize by Goldsmith is a terrific early spy-action-thriller score that we released on FSM. Highly recommend! $15.

We have one copy of the Varèse Sarabande release of Project X by Horner, for only $8.

We have one copy of Intrada’s Psycho II expanded Goldsmith, $18.

Also one copy of Goldsmith’s unused Public Eye score from Intrada, $20.

We have two copies of the original Milan CD of Quest for Fire, a Philippe Sarde orchestrated by the great Peter Knight, $15.

We have one copy of the out-of-print CD of two early Laurence Rosenthal scores, A Raisin in the Sun/Requiem for a Heavyweight, $25.

Elmer Bernstein’s 1960 Rat Race is so much fun! We have two copies of the Kritzerland CD, $18.

We have one copy of the original promo CD of Craig Safan’s Remo Williams feature score, $18.

Laurence Rosenthal’s western The Return of a Man Called Horse is one of his best. We have a copy of the hard-to-find Intrada 2CD set (also including Inherit the Wind), $55. Also a copy of the Varèse edition of solely Horse, $15.

Rich and Famous/One Is a Lonely Number is a CD we did at FSM that I’m quite found of. Lovely romantic scores by Delerue and Legrand, respectively. $18

Ride the High Country is more of a classic film (by Peckinpah) than classic score (by George Bassman), but I was so proud to release it, and happy with how the FSM CD came out. We also included Bassman’s quasi-companion score to Mail Order Bride. We have two copies, $18.

Another FSM release of westerns is Ride, Vaquero! (Kaper) coupled with Andre Previn’s propulsive score to The Outlaws. Good stuff for only $8!

Now here’s a really good score few people know about: Robbery by Johnny Keating. I was enamored with Keating’s score to Hotel (an FSM title) and sought out Robbery and really liked it. Yours for $15.

We have a copy of the 4CD Intrada Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves for $30.

I really liked Ronin when I saw it in 1998, and the moody score by Elia Cmiral. We have the Varèse Sarabande CD for only $5.

Another Rosenthal western, Rooster Cogburn—we have one copy of the Varèse Sarabande CD, for $20.

We have one copy of the out-of-print John Willians 2CD set of Rosewood from La-La Land Records, $45.

We have two copies of the Quartet CD of Nelson Riddle’s fairly obscure but good score to Rough Cut (1980). $25.

More tomorrow! Thank you!

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