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Comic Book Soundtracks

I saw that the Shazam sequel underperformed. I don’t have much of an opinion.

I remember seeing the first of the Marvel films that kicked off today’s superhero bonanza, Iron Man (2008). I remember being charmed by it and thinking it was way better than I expected.

It’s sort of mind-blowing to think we’re 15 years later, and these films (from Marvel and DC) are the only reliable box-office draws anymore.

I don’t have a horse in the race as far as the occasional celebrity who criticizes these films, leading another to defend them. I’m glad kids have entertaining movies to watch. I know as a kid, I would have loved these.

But speaking for myself, as a middle-aged man...I barely watch them. I used to keep up with them, after the fact (at home), but now they seem so repetitive and annoying I don’t even bother.

Here’s a very good video from six years ago explaining why the Marvel-era of film music has been especially, well, dull.

Will these films ever run their course? I don’t know. I stopped reading the comic books around 1989—but they’re still being published!

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