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Coyote vs. Warner Bros

Updated: Feb 14

Years ago Sean Connery was on The Tonight Show and Johnny Carson was reading a list of questions about James Bond trivia. He asked Sean if he knew who played the first Bond villain (all the way back in 1954’s Casino Royale)? Sean didn’t, but joked, “Cubby Broccoli.” (I found it, on Facebook. It was from 1983, to promote Never Say Never Again.)

This business with Warner Bros. canceling another movie, Coyote vs. Acme, is absolutely insane. David Zaslov has to be the worst Hollywood villain out there.

I guess the finances work in such a way that they “make” more money if they shelve the movie, permanently, than if they distribute it or sell it to somebody else. Has to do with tax accounting.


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Sadly reminds me of the scene in the movie 'All That Jazz' where the show producers realize that the 'best way to recoup their money and make a profit is to bet on Joe Gideon's death: the insurance proceeds would result in a profit of over half a million dollars.' (quoted from wikipedia)


Sounds as though the real villain is our out-of-control, oversized government -- which is the worst kind of evil: the kind that deflects onto its victims its culpability . . .


That was a very scumbag thing Connery said.


The company has close to $45 billion in debt. That requires making hard choices. Its a shame what's happening to what appears to be a well reviewed movie, but Zaslav as a steward of capital needs to make the difficult choices to save the company.

Arguably it wasn't in the best interest of stakeholders for the merger to occur but such is life.

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