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DVDs and CDs Added to FSMCDs

We have added around 1,400 DVDs and another 200 CDs to

Here is a spreadsheet to look through, as I know many people find this easier to browse than the store listings. First are the new items, then all the existing inventory below.

The DVDs are Tim Knapp’s collection, minus the ones that a few people bought after I tested the waters last week. They are, of course, region 1 (U.S.) unless noted.

The CDs are from another collector who wanted to sell some of his collection—with a few box sets from Tim’s collection that we hadn’t processed before.

There are also two special items:

UDPATE: The framed photos sold in 5 minutes!

Above is a snapshot of a framed set of photos of Goldsmith and Williams that a friend of Tim’s made for him. It was lovingly placed on Tim’s wall and obviously meant a lot. The frame is approx. 12'' by 16'' and the photos are 5''x7''s. The Goldsmith pic has Jerry’s signature reproduced from an 8''x10'' that Tim got when he was delivering something to his house and Carol Goldsmith gave him a signed photo, and this 5''x7'' was made from that: to be clear, this item does not have the original signature. We are selling this for $65.

This item, however, does have an authentic John Barry signature:

This is a printed 5''x7'' card (for Sony’s 2007 Themependium project) with Barry’s signature in silver sharpie. We are selling this for $250.

UDPATE: The signed Barry card sold in an hour.

Tim’s family wants to pass on their ongoing thanks that so much of his cherished collection has found its way to people who share his passions. It really means a lot.

And I want to thank everybody for their orders, their patience and kind understanding as we set up a mail order business and work out the kinks in the website.

Here’s the store and, as always, if you need help, ask me:

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