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Election Craziness

Like a lot of people I’m watching closely the midterm election results from yesterday. Crazy!

I try not to talk about politics too much because, first of all, I’m just exhausted from it.

But I also have a lot of conservative friends and followers, and don’t want them to feel unwelcome or criticized.

At the same time, I’ve been open that I’m a liberal Democrat, so people should not feel surprised when I take liberal Democratic positions.

This year is different because the attack on democracy is so insane and dangerous that I’m glad to see the electorate buck the trend of largely voting for the party out-of-power.

If we lose our democracy, it’s not something that’s easy to get back. It’s so very scary.

If this is a wake-up call for Republicans to uphold classic American positions of respecting elections, I’m all for it. This used to be something that everybody agreed was sacrosanct.

Dangerous times!

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