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Enchanted Director’s Commentary

A quick shout-out for my friend Taylor White at Creature Features who recently recorded a director’s commentary with Kevin Lima for Enchanted (2007):

It’s something that you synch up to the movie.

I had never seen Enchanted but recently watched it and found it delightful.

I’m honestly not a big Disney animation fan, it was just never something that spoke to me. If anything I found it precious and insufferable (though I always admired the craft).

But I really loved this movie as both a tribute to and send-up of the genre. Amy Adams is hysterical:

The sequel, Disenchanted, just premiered on Disney+ but the original director (Lima) was not involved and it didn’t get nearly as well reviewed.

From what I understand, they made Giselle (Adams) into a wicked stepmother...and good lord, who wants to see that?!?

It sounds as gross and unappealing as evil Superman (Superman III):

Writers and executives get these ideas sometimes about a place that a story can go that’s logical and lends itself to dramatic possibilities—but it’s a reminder, just because you thought of it, doesn’t necessarily mean you should do it!

But, fortunately, a great movie like the original Enchanted—it’s like they say about winning a championship, “flags fly forever.”

So check out the commentary if you want the director’s inside scoop!

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