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Euphoria Retro Cult Episode

If you like dazzling cinematography, gratuitous softcore nudity, and the sex and drug experiences of 24-year-old teenagers treated like Shakespeare—head on over to HBO’s Euphoria!

And apparently a whole bunch of people have—this show’s a huge hit. Sounds like season two was a bear to produce, though. Beaucoup drama!

I don’t really want to talk about Euphoria. It’s beautifully made, albeit dramatically over-the-top for my taste—but I guess that’s how kids experience their lives (the point?).

I do want to mention the penultimate episode of season two, which is the production of Lexi’s play (seemingly on a budget of $500K).

I was already impressed with the music choices and scoring throughout Euphoriaand this episode is chock-full of “retro cult” classics by Piccioni, Morricone, Trovajoli, Lai...what a joy to hear these tracks in a new context!

Some of these are “deep cuts” and they’re glorious:

No surprise, they work like gangbusters against the picture. The great stuff just doesn’t age!

There is also a memorable needle-drop of Alex North’s love theme from Spartacus.

Getting a youth audience to swoon over Alex North is a more than worthy achievement in my book!

If you love these tracks like I do, visit John Bender’s Facebook page about them. (And see my earlier column.)

I always love when old scores are put in a new context. I know some people complain, but I don’t. I loved the first season of Homecoming, too.

Kids—don’t do drugs! Listen to Piccioni instead!

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