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Farewell to Jazzy John Romita

The great Marvel Comics artist—a legend, really—John Romita, Sr. has died at 93.

There are obituaries all over the place. Here’s the one from Collider.

He was responsible for the iconic, signature look of Spider-Man from the late 1960s through the 1970s. This is the Spidey that so many of us grew up with:

Bold lines, muscular figures, and clear, crisp storytelling—this was what called to us kids when we discovered Marvel Comics at the drug store or supermarket.

He served as Marvel’s art director from 1973 through the 1980s, so he was basically the architect of the house style for this seminal time.

His son, John Romita, Jr., is a big-time comics artist as well.

I don’t know if people can appreciate what it was like as a kid to be into these comics, and engrossed in the storytelling and dazzling art.

It was more fun than real life, that’s for sure!

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