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FSM CD Covers 1500x1500

Film Score Monthly has endured as long as it has basically because of luck and the kindness of strangers: specifically, the luck I had in order to meet certain, very kind strangers!

Almost all of the people who made the magazine and CDs were readers and fans who volunteered their services and became trusted long-time collaborators.

Chief among them is Joe Sikoryak, our fabulous art director, who designed every one of our magazines after 1998, and the entirety of our CD catalog and related promotional items.

Joe is also a terrific archivist—as am I, not to toot my own horn—and consistently organized all our visual materials so we could easily find them later. (I mean, how embarrassing would it be if we allowed our materials to get misplaced or destroyed, as sadly happened various film scores?)

We’ve long maintained a Dropbox folder of all the FSM album covers at 600x600, and selected ones (the more recent ones) at the very high-res 1500x1500.

I also put an album of the 1500x1500 covers on our Facebook page, if you want to browse them that way.

Thanks Joe! And thanks all of you for your interest and years of support.

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1 Comment

Thanks for the kind words Lukas. We joined your crew because you had a vision. And I became an archivist partly because I saw first hand how hard it was to find those scores in the first place. Learn by example!

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