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FSM CD Low Quantities

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Hello friends! Time for one of those periodic notices about FSM CDs that are almost sold out.

It’s hard to believe most of these were released two decades ago. I always tried to produce titles in large-enough quantities that they wouldn’t end up on eBay for hundreds of dollars.

And because many (if not most) of them were finished goods manufacturing deals, we own the stock outright and there’s no license term that expired.

So these are the ones on their last legs over at Screen now or who knows what kind of jerk (like me!) might overcharge on the secondary market.

Some big composers in here: Williams, Goldsmith, Barry, Herrmann!

Fewer Than 50 Copies Remaining

Ben-Hur (5CD set of Miklós Rózsa classic)

Lassie Come Home: The Canine Cinema (5CD Lassie movies collection)

Sex and the Single Girl/The Chapman Report (Neal Hefti/Leonard Rosenman)

The Subterraneans (Andre Previn, great jazz score!)

Toys in the Attic (lovely George Duning score)

Fewer Than 25 Copies Remaining

Deadfall (John Barry)

The Getaway: The Unused Score (Jerry Fielding, also has documentary DVD)

Hawkins on Murder/Winter Kill/Babe (Jerry Goldsmith 1970s TV projects)

The Last Run/Crosscurrent/The Scorpio Letters (Jerry Goldsmith/Dave Grusin)

The Long, Long Trailer/Forever, Darling (Lucy & Desi movies, Adolph Deutsch/Bronislau Kaper)

Not With My Wife, You Don’t/Any Wednesday (Johnny Williams/George Duning)

The View From Pompey’s Head/Blue Denim (Elmer Bernstein/Bernard Herrmann) NOTE: Pompey’s Head was a very important score to Elmer. I remember he was very kindly complimentary and appreciative when we released it.

Untamed (Franz Waxman)

Fewer Than 10 Copies Remaining (8, to be exact, last time I was given an update)

Diamond Head/Gone With the Wave (Johnny Williams/Lalo Schifrin)

There you go! Thanks!

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