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FSM CDs 25% Off Sale at SAE

My grandfather, my dad’s dad, was a prominent pediatrician in Philadelphia. I once asked him what his father did, who was before my time.

“He was a peddler!” my grandfather bellowed. “He peddled from the day he got to this country, to the day he died.”

So I guess this is in my blood?

Screen Archives is doing a flash sale on what remains of the FSM CD catalog—25% off until 11:59PM, Eastern time, June 13, 2023. Use the code FSM0623 at checkout.

Also, as a reminder, there are eight single-copies FSM CDs left from my dad’s basement, including a Superman box set. These are not discounted, but they are out of print and hard to find.

Also, the Kickstarter is still going strong for my friend Jeff Bond’s two-volume Jerry Goldsmith Companion book. It’s crossed $113K, which is awesome, but I’m actually not surprised. I’ve seen first-hand how well any CD by Goldsmith sells, and I figure there are 1,000–1,500 collectors who would want these books.

If you’re unaware, go to the Facebook group created for the project, where Joe Sikoryak is teasing a snippet or related piece of material every day.

The Goldsmith campaign ends Thursday, June 15, at 11:59PM Pacific time.

Thanks, everybody!

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