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FSM Out-of-Print CDs, Part II

Above: the FSM office in Culver City, circa 2004.

Thanks to everybody who read and responded to my post yesterday about a set of out-of-print FSM CDs that I am selling off from my parents’ basements.

Several folks wrote asking, “What do you have?” A reasonable question! But I’m not sure yet because Screen Archives (where all our inventory is housed) need to sort through the boxes I sent earlier this year. I think there’s one of everything from our catalog:

If you go to the above link, all the titles with green “BUY” buttons are the ones still in stock. All the CDs are technically out of print, but those are the ones for which we still have some inventory remaining. So, you know, pick up the ones you want today—please!

The few titles with blue “USED” buttons are “regular” (pre-existing) used copies they have in inventory, at those prices.

The red “OOP” buttons are the ones that are long gone but we should have one copy of everything (with a few exceptions) that we are now trying to find good homes for. (Ignore those prices, I don’t even know where they came from.)

Obviously, a lot of people wrote me asking for the box sets and some really popular titles (Goodbye, Mr. Chips comes to mind). I think we’ll just auction those off on eBay.

Screen Archives have your emails and they’ll try to get back to everybody and sort out fair market prices for people’s individual wants. Write them at

I want to thank Craig, Katie and the team at SAE for not only sorting through this typical Lukas-induced mess but for taking care of all of my CD inventory and business for almost 20 years. They are the best!

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