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Gen V Season One

Congrats to Gen V for an excellent first season. It is a spinoff of The Boys on Amazon, which I’ve written about before, about young people at a superhero university.

So it’s the TV adaptation of The New Mutants I’ve always wanted—only, per the parent show, everybody is corrupt, crazy and power-obsessed, with exploding heads and superpowered genitalia.

I did notice one unfortunate thing: without core characters who are unpowered, as in The Boys—meaning they are normal, frail, very human, and quite aware of it—the show kind of loses its suspense.

If everybody’s superpowered and living in the bubble of their own self-absorption—even though it’s from corporate manipulation—there’s nobody to worry about.

The show lays the satire on so hard that you kind of expect everybody to get killed, and you don’t really care if and when they do.

But I will happily be there for season two.

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