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Goldsmith Book Excerpt at TrekMovie

I’ve been helping with the promotion of The Jerry Goldsmith Companion on Kickstarter, which is doing great! They passed this noteworthy number of contributors...

Damien approves!

Head over to Trekmovie for an exclusive excerpt from the book, representing around half of the section about Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Here’s the project pitch video courtesy Joe Sikoryak, if you haven’t seen it:

Also, see this interview by Neil Shurley with author Jeff Bond from Neil’s Star Trek site.

If you’re interested in this two-book set but on the fence about the cost or the shipping or whatever, just know one thing: the pre-order price now via Kickstarter will be less than the retail price when it is available later this year. So pledge now and lock in the lower price.

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1 Comment

Victor Field
Victor Field
May 24, 2023

That suite in the video needs to be downloadable.

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