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Happy Star Trek Day

Fifty-five years, wow. I remember when it was the 20th anniversary in 1986. Getting old!

This is from a Star Trek exhibit in Hollywood in 2009, I forget the details. Neil Bulk was there:

At another time, I went to the Las Vegas Hilton Star Trek Experience and on the flight simulator–Enterprise tour. Never really cared for motion simulators—I have a weak stomach, and think the “stories” are silly—but the show involved a brief visit to a replica of the Enterprise-D bridge, fully enclosed and staffed with Starfleet extras, and with an appearance by Riker on the viewscreen (I dimly recall). THAT was cool, being on a fully realized set. It was probably even more “real” than the actual set, which, I would imagine, always had a bunch of filmmaking equipment.

Love Star Trek, can’t help it! LLAP.

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