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Holy Crap, New Cowboy Bebop Music

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

UPDATE: Of course, they took it down (pic above is a screen cap). Can’t wait to hear it for real!

I love Cowboy Bebop. I am looking forward to the new show and what can I say? I hope it’s awesome. It seems like a very tall order to translate the anime across cultures and mediums and make it fantastic. But I’m excited!

I never thought we’d get more Yoko Kanno Cowboy Bebop music but the new soundtrack has apparently been posted (leaked?) to YouTube. Maybe it’ll be pulled down, but I’m sure it’ll be available soon enough. Playlist above.

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Ian Whitcombe
Ian Whitcombe
Nov 09, 2021

This is fabulous stuff, and I love that between the original series, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, the video game and now this new show Kanno has created distinctive musical approaches for each iteration of the franchise. Not a lot of thematic callbacks in this sampling so far, but clear harmonic/chromatic/instrumental links to the original. (Those middle-eastern scales! How often do we get stuff like that in music these days?)

It'll be curious to eventually watch the show and see what scoring approach was taken. Were some of these tracks indeed recorded to picture? The length of some of the tracks suggests so, while others seen to be structured in the typical Kanno mini-suite approach. As an aside, I've long fantasized about…

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