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Hot Tin Roof Murals

This is a picture of my stepdad, Herb Putnam, who we lost to pancreatic cancer in 2008. (He sort of looked like Sam Neill.) We miss him terribly.

Herb was well known on Martha’s Vineyard and among his other accomplishments, he was one of the founders and operators of the hip Island nightclub, the Hot Tin Roof—where regular Island folk could party alongside some of the biggest musicians, comedians and movie stars in the world.

My mom sent me a link in the local paper about some gorgeous murals I remember from the 1990s incarnation of the Roof, which have been saved and donated to the Martha’s Vineyard Museum.

Also, the artist Linda Carnegie, mentioned in the article, is the mom of my good friend my high school (and Star Trek convention buddy), Jonah Walker.

I like to keep up on local affairs—and family history!

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