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How to Sell Your Screenplay

I wrote a free guide, “How to Sell Your Screenplay,” but it’s gotten a mixed reaction online because it’s actually honest.

The first step in selling a screenplay is writing a screenplay that anybody would want to buy. Unfortunately, this is a step that most people skip.

So when I put this on Reddit, it’s not that it bombed, as much as it just vanished without a trace (see above).

But I am actually getting random emails from strangers saying that they really liked it. So maybe I am on to something?

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1 Comment

I'll read this L....

It;s taken me over three years - having read tons of them - to write my first one!

I don't know if you know - well I'm sure you will - the Quatermass serials/films created by Nigel Kneale...

I've done a feature length origin story that feeds into the first Quatermass story...

Labour of pain as well as love!

Still is...

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