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Indict and Convict

Found on YouTube! An extremely rare intersection of obscure William Shatner projects and obscure Jerry Goldsmith projects: the 1974 TV movie Indict and Convict.

It’s some kind of proto-Law & Order thing from the year of my birth, which had the widest neckties ever recorded. Smells a lot like a pilot that didn’t go to series, starring George Grizzard, who went on to guest star as a defense attorney on the actual Law & Order.

Look for James Doohan (uncredited) on the witness stand at 1:40.

Goldsmith’s theme is reworked from his cue “First Flight” from the immortal Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies. It’s one of the only Goldsmith projects left (aside from his early television work) that has never been released.


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First ARREST AND TRIAL in 1963, then this, and finally L&O gets it right.


And it has Arlene Martel (T'Pring) at 1:24:55! 😊

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