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Joe Sikoryak on “The Geek Generation Gap”

My friend (and FSM art director) Joe Sikoryak has been blogging and drawing his memoirs, which I’ve enjoyed following:

His column last weekend was a great summary of something that I write about from time to time: how different it used to be following “geek culture.”

What used to take us seemingly years of sleuthing can now be accomplished in a few keystrokes at Google or say nothing of how hard it used to be to connect with likeminded fans.

I’m not advocating to go back to a time when it was so hard to find things! I’ve spent most of my life trying to make material and information more accessible...and collectively, we’ve all succeeded.

But it’s definitely interesting to remember that the challenges we used to face, and how the struggle to fulfill our geek passions made those successes (finding a rare comic! making a friend!) feel more special.

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