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Johnny Douglas Uncut

I’ve been so busy writing about CDs at our store that I haven’t had a chance to celebrate the digital releases of Johnny Douglas’ complete library scores to Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and The Incredible Hulk, which I loved as a kid.

These are courtesy Dulcima Records, run by Louise Camby, Douglas’ granddaughter.

They are available now on Spotify (check the links in my first graph, above), with other digital services coming soon (there was an issue with the track titles needing to be redone for Apple). They are the complete recording sessions, with slates, which is not how I’d present it, but we can be assured that everything that exists is now available.

One caveat...a lot of the music in Spidey Friends was actually brought over from the 1981 Spider-Man syndicated cartoon—and those tapes are, so far, missing.

But I never thought we’d hear all the stuff we now have, so there’s hope!

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Interesting that this music is out there but not the Ray Ellis music from the Spider-Man 1967 animated series. Maybe someday.

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