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Keeping Scores by Paul MacLean

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about some composer interview videos I found on a YouTube channel called ThemeWorks.

My old friend Paul MacLean—one of the first collectors to find me when I started FSM in the early 1990s—wrote to point out:

If you like that channel, check-out “Nostalgia Clipse” on youtube, which has tons of old, obscure interviews, concert clips (and even *ads* featuring film composers). It also has that HBO interview with Goldsmith (but in color!)

He’s right—check out the channel! It has gems like this...

But wait, there’s more!

Paul recently posted a link to Facebook: a half-hour 1997 interview he did with Basil Poledouris at Basil’s Venice studio, Blowtorch Flats.

Aw... This is how I remember Basil from the year he did Starship Troopers, which we covered in-depth.

Furthermore: this reminded me of Paul’s 2000 documentary, Keeping Scores: The Soundtrack Fans (at the top of this column), in which I make an appearance from our short-lived 1997–99 Miracle Mile office (when we shared space with the L.A. Independent Film Festival).

I showed my kids a clip, and they said what they always say about old footage of me: “Your hair was so black!”

And how about that gargantuan ancient PowerMac I’m using, and the homemade wooden shelves in my corner desk? (That was a trick I learned in my dorm room.)

Thanks, Paul! So much fun to see old friends like Andy Dursin the way I remember them.

If you want video content that’s truly zero budget, check out the latest episode of my screenplay YouTube show with Charlie Vignola:

Enjoy your Sunday, folks!

And thanks to Paul for the fun and memories!

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