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Legolambs Modern Trailer Music—and More Wolf of Wall Street

Yesterday I wrote about the new Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny trailer—and took issue with how all of these modern franchise trailers are scored.

Well, bless their hearts, my dear friends Jon and Al Kaplan already made a YouTube video mocking the current approach. Enjoy:

It’s funny because it’s true!

One other thing: recently I wrote about how much I love The Wolf on Wall Street and its insane black humor.

As usual for Scorsese, there’s no score, but a killer soundtrack of pop and blues tracks—some famous, some obscure.

One of the pieces I liked the most in the film, accompanying Jordan and his gang at their most depraved, is called “Meth Lab Zoso Sticker” by a band I had never heard of, 7Horse:

I looked it up and 7Horse is an L.A. band comprised of Phil Leavitt (drums, vocals) and Joie Calio (guitar).

Hey! I used to play against Phil Leavitt when I was in a baseball (wood bat) rec league here in L.A. He was a catcher, a good player and team leader—and I remember the guys saying, “Oh yeah, Phil’s a really good drummer.” True!

It was funny, because in that league you had a real cross-section of guys from different fields and walks of life. We all came out on weekends to put on our uniforms and play a game we loved—and sometimes you’d learn who these guys were and what they did, and it was like, wow, that’s interesting.

I stopped playing when my kids were born—I turned 40, and it was no longer quite as much fun to hit against a 6'5'' ex-college star throwing gas—but I had a great time.

So congrats to my old opponent on the diamond for a great track in a terrific film.

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