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Logan’s Run Water Gardens

Somehow I came across this YouTube video of multiple angles, behind-the-scenes (combined in split screen) of the scene near the end of the film where Logan, Jessica and the Old Man return to the City by way of its water intake—filmed at the Fort Worth Water Gardens in Texas:

There’s much more Logan’s Run and 1970s sci-fi at this YouTube channel, Great Hall 75.


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I love this movie. Certainly, it must remind me unconsciously of my seeing with wonder 70s decoration, buildings and disco light and clothing when I was a child...and what a beautiful score by Jerry, showing once again his craft and his art, through electro-acoustic ambiant score and a beautiful bartokian orchestral score as well ! Pre-Star Wars indeed...


Malcom Tucker
Malcom Tucker
Dec 20, 2022

Also re-used to good effect in "The Lathe of Heaven" (closing and credits).

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