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New CD Sale Lists

10AM! The store is updated with our new CDs—a little over 800 titles.

A few notes for today’s CD sale:

The shopping carts: These are set to hold your items exclusively for you for six hours. After that, they will still be in your carts, but others can buy them (at which point they’ll disappear from your cart).

However...we’ve had reports of bugs. Ugh. But without specific reports from the users of exactly what somebody tried to buy and when it vanished (which is hard to keep track of, I know), our web company has not been able to diagnose the problem.

So yeah, these are not quite working perfectly.

The solution: Just place multiple orders. Whenever we see multiple orders, unless instructed not to, we combine them for shipping (unless the first order has already left the building) and refund the excess shipping. So don’t worry. Buy what you want!

So if you’ve got a “hot” item in your cart and don’t want to risk losing it while you shop some more—just buy it! I promise to help you manage your orders later.

Can’t access the site at all? It needs to be whitelisted by your Internet service provide. Email me, I’ll try to help. (This drives us crazy, so sorry!)

One more thing... You’ll see in today’s list the “red lunchbox” Varèse Sarabande LP-to-CD subscription series. We have all twelve of these inside the red box. And it also has all six of the Varèse 1985 at the Movies discs in slipcases. So 18 discs in all, for $195. (We’re just selling it the way it came to us.)

Thanks everybody!

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