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New CD Sale Tuesday 6/18/24

It will be a busy few weeks for! Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 18th, we go live with a “mini-sale” of “only” a few hundred CDs—but they include some of the highest value out-of-print titles (particularly from Intrada) that people seek.

Usually I do this at 10AM but due to a scheduling matter (an errand), I have to be somewhere—so look for it more like 9:30AM.

Then a week later, on June 25th, is the big magilla of 4500+ titles! I guarantee this has a ton of high-value collectables, “priced to move,” along with hundreds of titles for $1, $3 or $5—a perfect chance to fill out your collection and take a chance on different scores and composers.

See you tomorrow, and thanks!

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