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Night Sky—Interstellar?

First off, thank you to everybody who sent me birthday wishes yesterday, I appreciate it!

I am watching Night Sky on Amazon. I’m halfway through, so I won’t comment yet.

The score is very good. I liked Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans’ work on another show that was canceled way too soon, The OA.

But...uh, yeah, this is Hans Zimmer’s Interstellar.

I could be thinking of a different Interstellar track. I don’t have an hour+ to listen to the entire album.

It’s pretty obvious what happened. At some point in the editorial process, somebody thought, huh, what would be good music for this? And the answer was, well, what’s also about cosmic travel connected to the human heart?

And there’s really only one solution: Interstellar.

But wow, this is so close, Hans should get a credit.

I really don’t mean to go “na na na, I found you out,” it is what it is—and it works really well (of course).

It’s just a shame because you never know what kind of concept you could find musically if you didn’t to decide to copy some other, really good but really obvious concept probably early in the process.

I do like the show, though—and a shame to hear it was already canceled.

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