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So you’ve probably heard I’ve helped start a coffee company. It’s been interesting learning about a new area of collectibles. Soundtracks I know very well. Food and beverage, not so much. We launched our TMNT line this week and it’s been very well received.

We’ve been lucky to get the advice and support from a very cool company: Okkto. They produce uniquely crafted watches, pins, pens and other collectibles based on your favorite franchises: The Rocketeer, Fraggle Rock, The Dark Crystal, The Nightmare Before Christmas and many others.

I met one of the founders, Eli Sasich, because we happened to make sci-fi shorts on the same spaceship set. His very cool short, Atropa, became an entire series at DUST. I reached out to compare notes and we’ve stayed in touch.

This week Okkto was so kind as to plug our coffee in their monthly newsletter.

So I wanted to return the favor and invite my soundtrack peeps to check out their extensive line of custom-crafted and curated items. (Eli is, of course, a huge soundtrack fan.)

We’re all very lucky to be a part of the same community of people who love this stuff!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everybody!

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I have bought a few items from Okkto over the past couple of years: I also recommend them!

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