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Planet of the Bass

The song of the summer is here and it is, apparently, a spoof of 1990s Eurotrash dance hits with a hilarious music video called “Planet of the Bass.”

Years ago I thought, “Hey, I should make a comedy one-hit wonder.” Like it was that simple. I thought maybe something about kung fu? Of course, I had 0% of the songwriting, production or musical skill to do such a thing.

But props to comedian Kyle Gordon, and his alter ego DJ Crazy Times, for doing just that. (It is, reportedly, part of a larger comedy album of parody songs coming soon—exciting!)

I watched this and was laughing hysterically at the ungrammatical English lyrics and vacuous but totally genre-accurate preening:

Apparently it’s a character of Gordon’s going back a long time. An interview:

The thing’s actually a pretty catchy song. Very good production!

And the lyrics are pure poetry: “When the rhythm is glad/There is nothing to be sad.”

Somehow, it manages to be both all in good fun—but takes to the woodshed something that totally had it coming.

I think this particularly warms my heart because it reminds me of being a kid and seeking out Robotech-related Japanese anime. These shows often had a heavy music presence, with good J-Pop songwriting, but the translation of the lyrics—after linguistic and cultural differences—ended up being both on-the-nose and utterly nonsensical.

I can’t find a video with the lyrics in English, but I dimly remember things like, “I only want to feel the true sadness.”

Props to DJ Crazy Times and Ms. Biljana Electronica for an instant classic!

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3 comentários

It's almost like a song written by A.I.

Lukas Kendall
Lukas Kendall
19 de ago. de 2023
Respondendo a

I understand what you mean but it's way funnier than I think A.I. would do. It's so specific, and creative, and unusual—it has a human touch.


Ian Whitcombe
Ian Whitcombe
18 de ago. de 2023

Fun fact, Joe Hisaishi did the arrangement for that Mospeada opening theme!

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