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Putting the Physical in Physical Media

I started selling my personal CD collection one week ago and it’s gone better than I expected!

We’ve sold around 550 items, and without getting into how much money it brought in, it has done exactly what I hoped: let me invest some money into budgets, concept art, etc. for my film productions. It is so exciting to be able to move those forward. THANK YOU!

And the sale is still active! Here is a revised list omitting the sold items.

And here is the same file, but in downloadable excel form—so you can sort by composer, title, label, etc.

Ordering instructions are in the initial column announcing the sale.

I have been impressed at how smoothly this has gone. I was terrified of selling the wrong item, or accidentally double-selling something, or having a mailing snafu—but so far, so good. (Some orders have already shipped and reached their destinations. Most are in process now.)

But it has been a reminder of how complicated and labor-intensive it is to sell and ship physical media.

I truly, sincerely have to thank the winner and still champion, Taylor White of Creature Features, who has kindly taken on the fulfillment. Thank you, Taylor!

This is hard work, and it is physical work: finding the right-sized boxes, packing boxes, inspecting for broken jewel cases, pulling CDs, checking to make sure the items are correct, keeping track of names, addresses and special instructions.

It’s been almost 20 years since I did this regularly...and like riding a bike, it came back to me. (I’ve done some of the item-identification, but not the hardest parts.) Without the experts at Creature Features, it would grind to a halt.

We are still set up to sell the collection, and taking orders at, so please reach out if you want anything! Thanks!

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