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R.I.P. Angelo Badalamenti

Farewell to another great composer: Angelo Badalamenti, at 85. Here’s the New York Times obituary.

His Twin Peaks theme was an instant classic. I am reminded of the old game show—“I can name that tune in two notes!” That’s how distinctive it is.

He’s best known for his collaborations with David Lynch, and even though there are some pretty obvious ways to describe their style—haunting, sad, scary, a bit soapy—the whole point is that they sort of defy language.

This is worth watching:

Here’s Lynch on their collaboration:

He was also a memorable actor!

I recently helped with the proofreading for Varèse Sarabande’s expanded Blue Velvet 2CD set, and I remember he was very accessible and engaged with that.

I don’t remember ever speaking with him—it’s possible I did, on the phone—but I do remember he was a paid subscriber to FSM from his New Jersey home.

Sometimes it feels like there are way too many people passing away who we really care about. I suppose in the hundreds and thousands of celebrities, it’s only logical that some are leaving us at any given time...but it’s always sad.

So farewell to of the greats, and a great gentleman.

We’ll give Mr. Lynch the last word:

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