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Shane Black Halloween Party Invite

I used to spend way too much time hanging out at (screenwriter) Shane Black’s house (roughly 1997–2003, for me).

Shane had the greatest Halloween parties. Above is the invite to the 2001 one.

I can’t print the entire invite because there’s personal information on there (the RSVP number) and, more importantly, a lot of off-color humor—which is genuinely funny, I have to say.

There’s nothing so bad that Shane would be canceled over it, but it’s just not meant for public consumption.

I hate to be a tease...but I can’t tell the entire story of how I ended up spending time over there. Or these parties. It’s just too loaded with too many personal recollections of friends, quasi-friends and weird party people.

But I will say that Shane is a really good guy and a very talented writer and filmmaker. And very generous.

Let’s just say, “Corey Feldman is having sex in the stairwell” was not an unusual thing to overhear.

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