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Sky Fighter on CenterFrame “Make It Short”

Many thanks to the team at CenterFrame who had me on the premiere YouTube episode of their “Make It Short” series, talking about Sky Fighter.

I submitted blindly to their series and they asked me to do be on their show, and little did I know it was their first episode—and I got to go first, so I took up way too much time.

I appreciate the chance to talk with the hosts, and their criticisms and advice are very well taken.

I’m always a little nervous about doing these things because any film represents the collective effort of so many people. So there’s not time to acknowledge all the cast and crew. And now that it’s three years later, I’m talking about things I wish I had done differently—and I don’t want the team to think I’m talking about anybody except myself.

Also there were some Zoom connectivity issues (they might have been on my end, our home Internet sucks—thanks AT&T) which made me a little bit nervous that I wasn’t hearing everything properly, or that I wouldn’t be totally understood.

But it was fun and I really do appreciate this chance to talk about the film with people who really understand the process. So thanks, CenterFrame!

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