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Star Trek: The Next Generation EPK

It’s the 35th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the two-hour pilot, “Encounter at Farpoint.” I previously wrote my memories of watching it.

Because everything’s online now, here is the premiere “EPK” (electronic press kit) that somebody uploaded. There are interviews with the cast and creators—with the exception of Brent Spiner. I wonder if they were trying to keep the Data character secret, or if Spiner just didn’t want to be interviewed (or both).

There are also clips from “Farpoint” with production sound—including, I think, some dialogue (during the Q trial) deleted from the finished show.

It’s pretty astounding watching TNG without the finished sound. I remember the composers would show me tapes that they had to work with—without any finished sound, it’s so obviously actors on a set.

“Not much without the music, is it?” they would point out. I agreed!

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