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Star Trek TOS CDs From La-La Land Records

La-La Land Records has released Vol. 1 in a series of 2CD sets of music from Star Trek: The Original Series. I’m involved as a producer, as I was on their historic 15CD collection from this legendary series.

Because the box set is long out-of-print, we wanted to get this classic music back into circulation.

MV Gerhard at La-La Land has posted a F.A.Q. over at the FSM message board about what these new volumes will (and will not) contain.

In a way, we’re a victim of our success. The box set was so complete, and comprehensive—and the handful of unreleased or better-sounding tracks we discovered after-the-fact, we already included on a Star Trek 50th Anniversary Collection—that we don’t have anything awesome to premiere!

What would you have us to, hold something back so that, a decade later, we can add some long-lost alternates? Nope, too late!

So this new CD series is about making the music available again, with new packaging and liner notes.

It was such an honor and joy to be able to present this seminal music—and it is again!

Many thanks to my friends at La-La Land, who I hope everybody supports. They wrote some huge checks, in a leap of faith, to make this music available to the public.

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