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Sunday With a Random Lalo

This blog is not planned out. I have a “scratch list” of ideas which I sometimes draw from, sometimes not. I like doing a combination of longer “think pieces” (essays and would-be memoir excerpts) with short fun stuff.

Sunday is a good time for random fun stuff. There is a YouTube channel called “Fish Man” and I probably know this fellow (from the FSM days) but maybe not?

He rips all kinds of delightful vintage scores from the actual film tracks—so they’re compromised with anomalies and sometimes sound effects, but it’s a treasure trove. (Curiously, he still rips from the films, even for cases where there has been a CD release.)

A 1971 spy score by Lalo Schifrin, Mrs. Pollifax—Spy? I only dimly knew of it as a title on Lalo’s filmography. Of course, it’s fabulous.

As a former CD producer, I’m always thinking, could this be released? United Artists from 1971 means they almost certainly do not have master tapes (all that stuff was junked, aaah!). Maybe Lalo has something, but if so, it probably would have been released by now.

Here’s another Lalo score I had never heard, 1965’s Dark Intruder. This was apparently a Universal TV movie that got released theatrically.

Fish Man, whoever you are, thank you! This stuff is so obscure, I would have never gotten a chance to see/hear it.

What the hell is this...?

I’ll need Tarantino to explain where these things come from. “Deep cuts” doesn’t do it justice.

Thank you, Fish Man!

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