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Thank You!

That’s a wrap on our big CD sale! We have to get everything shipped by the end of the week as we are losing our warehouse space, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

Somebody asked what percentage of people I have to deal with are jerks. I actually know the answer to that! It’s 0.2%.

That’s because I interacted with probably 500 customers are almost-customers. And there was only one person where I was like, I can’t stand this guy.

By far, most people are easy, direct, prompt and courteous—thanks!

There are a few people who are maybe a little disorganized and it takes longer to conclude the sale because they’re adding or subtracting items, or forgetting what they have, or figuring out how to use PayPal or whatever—but they’re nice.

There are a few people who are maybe a little abrupt or aloof—but they order and pay and it’s fine.

But there was only one person out of 500 where I just got a bad vibe immediately. The fellow was not only abrupt and disorganized but quick to scold and take umbrage that something was already sold, or complain about the condition and needle for more details (like I’ve done an close inspection of 5,600 items?), or will I take less money for it—and then ultimately back out of the sale.

And it was just like, ugh.

But 499 out of 500 pleasant experiences—I’ll take it. Thank you!

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