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Thank You From the Armstrong Family—CD Sale

Above: Christopher Young signing a CD for Brent Armstrong.

Our CD sale of the late Brent Armstrong’s collection is going better than ever expected. In fact, we are quite backed up in the shipping process, but we will email you the tracking number when your package comes up.

Here is this morning’s list of the remaining inventory—and the initial blog post with the ordering instructions. Please keep sending your orders—everything must go!

This CD is to benefit the Armstrong family, who are truly touched by all the support and interest. Please find following a lovely note from Brent’s daughter, Alexandra:


To everyone who partook in Brent Armstrong’s soundtrack sale:

We (the Armstrong family) want to express our deepest and sincerest gratitude to each of you for helping us out by purchasing from our father’s personal soundtrack collection. As you know, he took great pride in his collection and loved to share it with everybody he could. It was definitely a bittersweet moment for us to give most of them up for sale as we have many memories of our dad with his collection.

We have recognized that purchasing from his collection has helped keep his legacy alive, which greatly warms our hearts. The money from this sale will be extremely helpful for each of us as we each have major life changes ahead regarding future homes, marital commitments, etc.

But the thing we must express our gratitude most is that each of you have expressed your condolences to us regarding the passing of our dad. It’s amazing to think that it’s almost been a full year since his death, and his absence is still very difficult for us. We miss him daily and wish he could have been around longer. But each of you sharing kind words and sweet memories of him is extremely helpful in our continued grieving over him. Each story brings fond memories and tears of joy to our eyes, knowing that he has made an impact in people’s lives, whether it was sharing his passions, helping a fellow artist in need, etc.

Once again, we cannot thank each and every one of you enough! We hope you enjoy the soundtracks you purchased, and please know that they were great care for many years. It gives us joy knowing that they are going to good homes and to people who appreciate great film score and music!

God bless you all and thank you again!!

—Alexandra Armstrong

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1 Comment

Alex Roman
Alex Roman
Oct 15, 2023

This has been amazing to partake in this sale as a huge lover of Movie Soundtracks along with being an Indie Filmmaker myself, the most vital element to any Film or TV show is Music. Music can transform and more often than not for me, save various scenes whether it's selected or composed to picture. Music is truly magical so I thank the Brent Armstrong Family for this incredible opportunity to expand my own reference library and to always remember where it came from...a fellow music lover of Hollywood Movies & TV shows!

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