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Thanks, Folks!

Yesterday I went on our message board and asked people if they could like a tweet of mine.

I was hoping to elevate it in the hashtag that people were using to promote their projects (long story, not worth explaining—I was pitching my SKY FIGHTER project, the feature film version of my short film.

A whole bunch of people did as I asked and that was really cool—thank you so much!

It didn’t seem to work to entirely beat Twitter’s algorithm, but it helped...and I was quite touched that so many people kindly took the time to help out.

Above, by the way, is a piece of concept art for the feature by Ben Tripp, who is an incredibly talented artist and writer, and an old friend from Martha’s Vineyard. (He was a fry cook when I was the world’s worst 15-year-old dishwasher!)

Also yesterday I posted the first 10 pages of a different script, a VR game TV pilot called “Panoplay.” Maybe I should hyphen that, Pano-Play? I dunno.

I ended up hearing from one person who kindly asked for the full script and then quickly read it and was complimentary, which I appreciate.

I was disappointed that nobody else asked for it. I don’t mean to complain, truly, it’s just how emotions run.

I think it’s a good script and a fun read—but I realize that scripts are pretty strange (if not outright dull) to read in any circumstance, especially for people not used to them.

I was also extremely nervous about sharing this script. I think it’s the best thing I’ve done and could be viable in the marketplace...and I would feel like an idiot if I burned it by exposing it unnecessarily.

These creative projects are always brutal to get going. It’s just the truth that most things suck—they’re lame and amateurish—and nobody cares. And I don’t blame them!

In case anybody is following my career...or non-career...for the past several months I’ve been extremely fortunate to connect with a friend about a TV project I wrote and try to get it into the marketplace. I don’t want to say anything else about it.

While this has been going on, it’s kept me “off the market” from doing what aspiring writers usually do—query managers and producers—because I don’t want to conflict with the first thing.

So I’m sort of in a holding pattern—writing and rewriting and blogging, and realizing that has hard as anybody says it is to “break in,” let alone make’s even harder than that.

Appreciate everybody’s support!

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