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The Acolyte

This is not a TV review. I guess this is a review of all the fuss. The fuss is nuts.

I’m referring, if you don’t know, to the newest Star Wars streaming show, The Acolyte.

I would write it differently—if I were lucky enough to write a Star Wars show. But it’s not awful.

It does have a female protagonist who was raised by a coven of lesbian witches...and maybe you can see where this is going?

Check out this YouTube commentator, in his 1980s Ewoks sweatshirt, who is definitely on the “anti” side of all the fuss.

And while I would love to characterize it differently, the “fuss” seems to be about where a show is “traditional” or “feminist”—in so many words.

And man do they not like those lesbian, Force-wielding witches.

Here’s a Forbes piece that takes the “anti-anti” position—against the fellows like the above YouTube guy and those who have review-bombed the show to oblivion.

I would encourage everybody to chill and rewatch this comedy classic.

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Actually, the show runner said that these Jedis in question are a matriarchal clan, not necessarily lesbians… is that any better? sigh probably not…

Replying to

I know lesbian space witches when I see them, buddy.

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