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The Cage Versions

The two-part Star Trek episode “The Menagerie” rolled around on H&I’s nightly Star Trek block. I watched the first part last night and I’m always fascinated by the footage from “The Cage” (the unsold first Star Trek pilot starring Jeffrey Hunter), especially aboard the Enterprise.

I was reminded of the fact that there was a version of the pilot released on videotape in the 1980s with some black-and-white footage—which helpfully let you identify what was cut for the adaptation into “The Menagerie.”

Because everything now exists on the Internet, here is a fascinating five-part video series breaking down the different versions of “The Cage”:

I remember that the Keeper’s voice was different in the black-and-white footage, having to do with Malachi Throne also appearing in “The Menagerie” as the commodore—the videos will explain!

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