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The Mad World of Soundtracks

Just a shout-out today to two volumes of CDs—and their accompanying book of cover art—that I got probably 25 years ago and still adore.

The Mad World of Soundtracks, Volume 1 and Volume 2, feature a groovy curation of covers of film and TV themes from across the 1960s and 1970s.

Many thanks to producer Matthias Künnecke, who worked at Universal/Germany and would kindly send me his CD releases, which I loved!

I remember listening to these CDs late at night when we had new FSM CDs to ship. The new releases would arrive from the pressing plant and there was a ton of work to send out the initial orders to our loyal customers. We’d work on it together during the day but then, after hours, that first night or two, I’d stay super late and just stuff envelopes myself. I needed music to listen to and I’d put on whatever was new on our office boom box.

So I remember discovering awesome tracks like this one:

I had little clue about the movies or artists, but it was one goodie after another.

Holy cow, It Takes a Thief by Dave Grusin!

Also The Name of the Game, which is ever better, but I can’t find a good video to embed.

So thank you, Mad World of Soundtracks!

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