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The One Thing I Want From Podcasts

There are so many good podcasts now. I know a lot of people listen to them while driving or walking. I don’t do a lot of either, so it’s not an easy option for me.

The Shuttlepod Show is a terrific series of interviews by Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating from Star Trek: Enterprise. Here’s a recent one with director James L. Conway:

I want transcripts!

I don’t have three days of my life to listen to all these shows!

Turns out there is a way for YouTube to generate these. I wish these sites would download, clean them up and make them easily available.

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I don't mind long podcasts, just don't make me wait for the good stuff. I had to wait until the end of a 2-part interview w/Nicholas Hammond to find out why he was unable to film the cameo he was offered for Spider-man:No Way Home.

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My only problem with these are length I have time but not patience if longer than an hour

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