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The Power of the Dog

Whoa, this is a good movie. Beautiful images, astounding performances. Not at all surprising, considering the credentials of everybody involved.

Terrific, interior, avant garde score by Jonny Greenwood. Haunting. I read it’s actually a cello performing the banjo parts, to make it sound a little bit “wrong.”

Kudos to podcast host Marc Maron who, in response to Elliott’s rant about the film’s “allusions to homosexuality,” responded, “I think that’s what the movie’s about.”

It was filmed in New Zealand, not Montana, for cost reasons, I read (to answer another of Elliot’s criticisms).

I don’t know why people have to have a bug up their ass about things.

This includes anybody, by the way, who might get bent out of shape about Elliott’s comments. He’s a great actor and entitled to his opinion.

It is objectively a good movie, probably a great one, and a real pleasure to watch.

As far as I am concerned, I am two-for-two in my “gay cowboy” movie-watching experiences!

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