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The Pukas Comic Strip

I was looking for something “from the archives” to post and it was slow going...until I found a folder of “Pukas” cartoons by Altomari (full name withheld to protect the innocent, or the guilty, as the case may be).

This is a series of Calvin and Hobbes-ish comic strips that were done TOTALLY UNSOLICITED (I can’t stress this enough—I never asked for this!) starring “Pukas” (me) and his pal “Candy” (based on my pal Andy Dursin) coping with the stresses of being soundtrack aficionados.

We ran them in Film Score Monthly off and on. These digital strips were circa...20 years ago?!? Yikes!

Many thanks to Altomari for being a good artist and a good sport—when I emailed him earlier to ask his permission to put these online, he responded with a thumbs up and in good humor about twenty seconds later, for some reason.

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