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This Is Gary McFarland Documentary

One of the fun things (of many) of producing the FSM CD series was getting an education on films and composers who deserve much more attention than they get.

That happened with Eye of the Devil (aka “13”), an obscure 1966 British horror film and one of the only scores by composer Gary McFarland. He was a terrific jazz artist who died young from a methadone poisoning under awful and mysterious circumstances.

Eye of the Devil was a sort of infamous unreleased soundtrack album (on Verve). We were able to get a hold of the original scoring masters to release one of our typically complete and comprehensive CDs.

While we were working on the project, I got in touch with filmmaker Kristian St. Clair who made a terrific documentary on McFarland, titled This Is Gary McFarland, and was super helpful for our CD effort.

And...the good news is that, while this doc has been out of circulation for some time, the filmmaker has made it available—for free!—but only until the end of this month/year.

So from now till the end of December 31, 2022, check out...THIS IS GARY McFARLAND.

The Vimeo link is here. Use the password GaryMac.

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