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Thomas Newman–Rick Beato Interview

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the new interview Rick Beato did with Thomas Newman:

Rick Beato is a professional musician who started a YouTube channel for music education and appreciation, which has grown to hundreds of videos. They range from explaining musical language and concepts to both beginners and more advanced musicians, analyzing what makes classic songs work, interviews with great artists, and much more. And it’s all done with a joyful, engaging, passionate and personal touch.

Because Beato is a musician himself, his talk with Newman gets into the specifics of composition, mixing and performance in a way that you don’t normally get from a journalist. Incidentally, here’s one of his other videos, about The Shawshank Redemption:

As for Newman—what can you say? He’s one of the modern greats. I’ve been a fan since the 1980s. He always functions at such a high level and above all, has such great taste.

It’s abundantly obvious—what a thoughtful, pleasant human being. In the beginning of the interview above, he talks about what it was like to grow up as Alfred Newman’s son (his father died when he was 14) which I had never heard before.

If I could ever have a movie scored by Thomas Newman—wow! I’d freak out.

Enjoy the interview! I know I did.

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1 Comment

I'm so delighted that you mention this interview by Rick Beato. His YouTube channel helped me improve my rock culture so much ! His musicianship crosses bounderies to film music and classical music's great names. And of course, listening to Tom Newman, one of the most original and deeply musical heroes of American music for cinema !

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