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Thumbs Up for Daisy Jones & the Six

I finished watching Daisy Jones & the Six on Amazon and really enjoyed it.

This is a “fake biopic” (an Almost Famous-type movie) of a Fleetwood Mac-styled rock band. Stevie Nicks is approximated by the preternaturally talented but out of-control singer/songwriter Daisy Jones (Riley Keough), while a version of Christine McVie is sardonic British keyboardist Karen Sirko (Suki Waterhouse).

The guys are different, but the style of broadly popular 1970s pop-rock fits, as does the fact that it’s a band where everybody is sleeping with everybody else.

That kind of drama would make anybody crazy, and it’s a wonderful look at the milieu of 1970s pop superstardom (the drugs and excess) and what it does to human relationships.

I really enjoyed the depth of the writing, the superb casting and performances, and the fact that, for once, the music was totally believable.

The producers got some of today’s best songwriters and producers, sent the cast to “band camp” for an outrageous period of time, and unlike, say, this...’s really the cast singing and sounding great. Riley Keough is a bona fide pop star. (Oh yeah, her grandfather was Elvis!) Sam Claflin has never been better.

Just a great job all around—beautifully written and produced.

Apparently they spent a fortune on this but it’s all on the screen.

I really loved it...and I hope they don’t try to make more!

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